Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Such Furore!!

Much more than can be handled by a normal human mind has been said, written, argued, sensationalized by anyone and everyone. The list includes everyone who's even distantly associated with the terms blog, Mumbai, human, 'alert and concerned' citizens, audience-savvy media and the maximum city's elite who have been 'dining and sleeping' their way to glory in the financial capital's best hotels so far.

Talking of the terrorist attacks, they have been occurring forever now. This year itself we saw attacks in quick succession in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur: the combined toll of human lives of which would surpass the number reached in the mumbai attacks. Of course, no matter what the official records say. So, why is it that suddenly we are seeing an outrage in the public to tackle the menace of terrorism 'at this very moment'?
For the simple reason that it is the elite who felt targetted this time and they have come down to the streets in protest. And it's anybody's guess that when we see a Preity Zinta, or a Shobha de protesting against this ghastly act, it isn't really difficult to pull the crowds who have been waiting since time eternal for someone to be their guardian angel, their 'voice'. And from this stems the basis of all the candle parties that we've seen on television in the last few days.
And when we come to think of it, not many whose kins would have lost their lives would have done so. For it's difficult to digest the loss of a loved one so soon and to take to the streets against a rotten system which includes just everyone. Or, maybe they've realised that there's nothing that can be achieved by this senseless hollering. A case in point is Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's father. Indeed a brave father-son duo.

So, what should our 'concerned' citizens do? Being a bit more vigilant would help. But then again, who can help if all of a sudden we see a man firing indiscriminately at everyone. The root of all this lies there: up north. Ans since nothing is being done there, there's nothing that can be done here.

Then why is it that we have been ranting so much about this attack. Strikes like this have been happening and will continue to happen. A headless government at the centre led by we-know-who knows all too well how to let the anger die down. Simply by staying quiet. It has two reasons to do so. Firsly, for fear of being 'misquoted' they're all together refraining from making a public speech. Secondly, they don't want to say something to upset the 'monirity sentiments' for it has taken them years to instill faith in the little budding terrorists who take birth in any muslim household by the dozens. After all, general elections are just round the corner and muslim is indeed a large votebank. Currently, it seems to be following the dictum, 'A resignation a day will keep the anti-incumbency factor at bay'.

As responsible citizens it'll be good if we could get back to our work putting an end to all this hollering, yelling, ranting and rather cast our vote, of course to oust this terrorist-friendly government at the centre.